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LC7981/HD61830 LCD Driver

I’ve found the time to post this LC7981/HD61830 driver (only graphics mode implemented) and some images of this Samsung LCD I’m using. I bought the LCD off of ebay.

For now, here are the specs: an EL backlit 160×80 monochrome graphics LCD that supports text and graphics mode (I just coded for graphics mode and found a font/character pixel set online), controlled by an ATMega32. The LCD is driven by an LC7981/HD61830 controller (easy parallel interface).

Pictures (no, I’m not running linux, the linux penguin just happened to be a convenient pixmap to demonstrate):

avr_samsung_lcd_1 avr_samsung_lcd_2 avr_samsung_lcd_3 avr_samsung_lcd_4

Here is a quick overview of the connections LCD pins:

1 Gnd
2 Vcc
3 to LCD 17
4 Control Signal (RS)
5 Control Signal (RW)
6 Control Signal (E)
7 to 14 LCD’s data pins DB0-DB7, connected to AVR’s PORTA
15 Gnd (CS)
16 Vcc (Reset)
17 to LCD 3
18 NC
19 to backlight inverter out
20 Gnd

The free source, currently coded for the ATMega32 but can be easily adapted to other uCs: avr-lc7981-be91938.tar.gz.

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